Interview: Kerry Katona – Atomic Kittens

Kerry Katona arriving for the 2011 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London.

Pop trio Atomic Kitten which originally formed in 1998 were one of the biggest girl groups around. releasing 3 studio albums in 3 years the group had amazing success with their hit singles Whole Again, The Tide Is High and a cover of the Bangles hit song Eternal Flame .

Atomic Kitten is heading to Australia alongside and amazing line up including B*Witched, S Club 3 and East 17.

Original members Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton will be here as well as Michelle Heaton (Liberty X member) who is filling in for Liz Mclannon will be performing all their hits.

I had the opportunity to speak to founding member Kerry Katona over phone from her home in the UK.

Hi Kerry its Steve from Live and Loud. How are you going what have you been up to today?

I’m great. Well I’ve been busy it’s morning here so I’ve got the kids ready for school, I have 5 kids, I’ve done the school run and I just working around the house and tonight I’m heading into town to light the Christmas Lights..

Now Kerry you and the Atomic Kittens are heading down to Australia as part of somewhat a 90’s Revival how are you feeling are you excited.

Very excited, I can’t wait, I’ve been to Australia twice and I can’t wait to get back there and explore. I was at Bondi Beach which I loved and look forward tom seeing more of Australia…

Getting back to Atomic Kittens you have reformed after disbanding what made you come back.

Well we all discussed it and we wanted to do it, it’s a good opportunity and we are all looking forward to touring with all the other groups, we have so much fun when we are on tour and entertaining all our fans.

Speaking of the fans what can they expect when Atomic Kittens hit the stage.

They can expect to see an amazing set and we will make sure they are all entertained…

What’s your favourite song to perform live? And why

Right now because that where it all began, where it all started…

Now the big question? If you had written any song that you can claim as your own… Which song would it be?

I will always love you… Dolly Parton will never have to work again because of that song… Whitney Houston made her a millionaire. Yep that’s the song I wish I had written for sure…lol

Thankyou so much for speaking to us today, I personally cannot wait to see you guys in action as well as all of the other groups performing…


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