M̶a̶r̶r̶i̶e̶d̶ Still Looking For Love: On Stage


Social experiment, unreal exploitation, a trashshot of suburban society, or a serious search for the partner of your dreams?

Audiences are fascinated, spellbound and addicted to the manipulation and manoeuvring as couples attempt to find love in the most unlikely of places – your television screen.

 But not everything makes it to the small screen.

Now Cyrell, Melissa, Mick and Ning spill the beans on what else happened when the cameras were on, and just as importantly, when they were off. How do they really feel about Jessika and Ines? Will Jules and Cam really live happily ever after? Most importantly of all – what comes next now the cameras have stopped rolling?

Joined by last year’s bad boy, Dean, this could be your last chance to catch up with the guys and gals of the class of 2019 to find out all the behind the scenes goss and so much more.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Meet & Greet VIP tickets available for all shows. Get a selfie with each of the cast and show your VIP pass off to jealous friends the next day. OMG – the stories you’ll have!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: http://davidroywilliams.com/category/current-tours/


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