Original GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler was interviewed on a recent episode of “The Trap Set”, a new, weekly podcast about the lives of drummers, with host Joe Wong.

On depression:

“I was never depressed… I never got depressed in my life until I turned 25 and [the other members of GUNS N’ ROSES] kicked me out of the band, and I had to take them to court. That was depressing. So for 25 years I knew about depression. But the last year and 41 days, since I’ve been sober, I haven’t been depressed once. It’s awesome. I thought I was gonna die, being sick every day. You drink Jägermeister from six in the morning to two at night, your body just can’t handle it. And my whole life did a 180; it’s amazing. And I’m loving it.”

On how being sober is different this time around:

“This time I’m doing the steps, I’m doing the work. I have a sponsor. I’m doing what they tell me to do: shut my mouth and open my ears.”

On what he has figured out about himself during his sobriety:

“That I have a lot of love to give. And I have so much joy and happiness and smiles and words of love to give and music to give. I found out that I’m not a loser and a sad, lonely person. I have wonderful friends now, I have a wonderful life and I’m a great person, full of love. I never laughed so much in my life [like I did] the last year.”

On what he is most thankful for:

“I’m just glad I’m alive and those guys are alive and healthy. And the main thing is that me and [former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist] Slash have become friends again. Since I’ve become sober, I’ve become better friends with Slash, and that’s what means so much to me.”

On how he repaired his relationship with Slash:

“[By] proving myself, ’cause he’s been sober, I think, eleven years. And, basically, if you show people that care about you that you’re making some kind of effort, they’ll do anything for you and be there for you. But if they don’t see you making an effort, they’re not gonna waste their time. And he saw me making an effort. And he just seen me, he was hearing it from people. And I’m just glad we’re friends again. And if we do ever do a [classic GUNS N’ ROSES] reunion — a reunion show or a tour — I would be very excited, ’cause I love those guys. I just hope nobody would hate anybody. Time is supposed to heal all wounds. And it’s been 25 years… It’s been 27 years… Shit… C’mon! Let’s move on! Let’s do something for the people!”

On what is keeping the reunion of the classic lineup of GUNS N’ ROSES from happening:

“I think Axl [Rose, vocals] has his grudge, I think, with Slash, and I wish he would just move on. ‘Cause Slash is a wonderful person, and Axl is a wonderful person. And they’re both so talented, and together they’re just so great.”


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