Wrestling Superstar Bobby Lashley is back in the WWE after taking a brief hiatus to pursue his MMA career. Having joined WWE in 2006 only to leave two years later, Lashley has enjoyed much success in the form of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Coming back following Wrestlemania 35 after a 10-year break, his one goal which the fans are wanting to see is himself take on fellow superstar and UFC fighter Brock Lesnar.

The pathway to make this happen sees Lashley having to beat the best of the best – Big Dog Roman Reigns which would then present an opportunity at WWE Summerslam.

“Roman is an amazing performer, the face of the organisation and a complete threat to any fighter.” I get upset when he gets booed because he is such a great performer.”

Both men desperately wanting that shot and glory in taking the Universal Title off Lesnar.

“The fan’s want it to happen, we want it to happen! It’s got to happen!” say Lashley

With Lashley 2:0 against the Big Dog, he is just one win away to set up his dream match to take the Universal Title off his rival WWE Summerslam.

Lashley himself has not yet had the chance to compete at Summerslam in earlier years due to injury or other commitments but is looking forward to this year’s opportunity should it present itself.

Lashley is also one of the WWE Superstars who will be heading to Australia for a live extravaganza to be held at Melbourne Cricket ground on October 6th – WWE Showdown

“I’m excited I love Australia,  I have been to Australia several times, I hold the Australian Wrestling championship title and was almost going to go to AIS (Australian Institute Of Sport). I’m a people person so I look forward to meeting the people.

WWE Summerslam is LIVE on WWE Network & Main Event (FOXTEL) on Monday 20th August 2018


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