Kacey Musgraves isn’t what you would call conventional. Having become a crooning country sensation after writing songs for the likes of Miranda Lambert, she’s finally hit the big time winning 6 Grammys this year alone, solidifying her place in the country music scene.


The audience was treated to quite a few of her old hits but predominantly her latest album in which she played all 13 hits, all of it which would definitely have been a treat for all the new fans! Her down to earth nature can not be argued with – she’s still a country girl at heart. From a little town in Texas, she’s sure experienced life in a way we can all relate.


From the moment the Rainbow colored lights lit up the stage, Kacey set the stage on fire for the ‘Golden Hour’ and a half. This small town girl with a big voice serenaded the crowd, often being joined by the crowd themselves who were clearly big fans. Being an avid country fan myself, hearing the whole crowd sing with a country star is the real payoff as a lot of US country stars aren’t aware of their popularity down under.


The show stopper however, had to be the moment she addressed the moment in Sydney when she refused to do a ‘shoey’. In true Country Queen fashion, she decided to step up to the challenge (much to my dismay as I dislike the Aussie ‘shoey’ tradition) however she managed to redeem herself as she was presented with a glass slipper (not off of her foot) from which she chugged her beer. Now THAT is my kind’ve shoey.


Admittedly, I wasn’t a massive fan of the country starlet’s music however seeing her live has certainly changed that opinion. Her lyrics are more relatable than you think and her voice is a force to be reckoned with. If you ever get a chance to see @spaceykacey live, definitely take it – she’ll have you up and dancing in no time and prove why she’s the next big thing country music has to offer.


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