Drew McIntyre – The Homecoming


Drew McIntyre the feared Scottish Warrior who tower’s over his WWE rivals standing at 6’5 was born and raised in Ayr Scotland. McIntyre is a two time WWE Champion, one time Intercontinental Champion, one time NXT Champion and a two time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion which has cemented his place as a WWE Superstar,

McIntyre first appeared in WWE back in 2007-2009 where he appeared under the Smackdown brand befor moving to the RAW brand in 2008. In 2009 McIntyre gained his first WWE title which was the Intercontinental Championship by defeating John Moprrisdon at a TLC Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, Vince McMahon The Onwner of WWE declaring McIntyre a future WWE Superstar

McIntyre left WWE in  2014 stating “I wasn’t giving it my all. I wasn’t being honest with myself and looking at my weak areas where I could improve. And obviously, some big personal things happened that pushed me over the edge when it came to the partying and the drinking and the likes. But still, I wasn’t doing anything to try and get better mentally,” mentioned the 2-time WWE Champion”.

Following his departure from the biggest stage of professional wrestling, McIntyre fought on the Independent circuit building up his fanbase before returning to WWE in 2017 where he featured on NXT and became Champion before moving up to the main roster where he has reamined and is a dominant force to be reckoned with.

This Sunday McIntyre will face Sheamus in ‘Clash At The Castle’ As the first-ever British WWE Champion, WWE Clash at the Castle will be a true homecoming for Drew as he brings the first WWE stadium show in 30 years back to the UK.

WWE Clash at the Castle streams LIVE Sunday 4th September from 3am AEST on WWE Network.


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